Monday, 17 August 2015

August 14th - 16th LOVE

This past weekend was a weekend filled with love. We were attending a wedding of two very special friends. It was lovely to celebrate their love for each other which has spanned 20 plus years now and to culminate in an official but definitely not boring and formal celebration of that love. To celebrate a 40th birthday for one half of that special couple on their wedding day. And finally to celebrate a friendship we have with the wonderful Jim and Myrddin. Love truly encompasses a wide variety of relationships. To have Jim and Myrddin in our lives is very special to each of us. We do not see them all the time, we are not in touch all the time, but when we meet again our friendship bonds are as strong as they ever were.

Let's get to my photos taken each day. I haven't forgotten Friday. George was having a cleaning out of his wardrobe. It was time to make some space. He came upon the suit he wore for our own wedding day, and decided to check his pockets and found this

How fitting that on the eve of attending a wedding, George found his speech for our wedding. I have to confess there were a few tears in the room from both of us.

Also because we were attending a wedding, I thought it nice that I arrange my own little display of heartfelt love

To the Wedding Day The Wedding was wonderful. The celebrant awesome, one of the grooms astounded me with his singing voice (and I mean that in a good way) as he serenaded his darling during the ceremony  Lots of cheering and tears of happiness ensued. I am still teary eyed at the emotion of it all, and the love that encompassed everyone there.

On to Sunday, and some wonderful scenic delights to finish off a wonderful weekend. A beautiful view of the Waitakere Ranges as we enjoyed brunch with the boys  and the lovely Clare who flew all the way from the UK for the wedding.

Time to say goodbyes. Myrddin and Jim, we are pleased we could share this special celebration of love with you both along with your friends. It may be a cliche, but in the end it all comes down to love. The love of our significant other, the love for our family, the love for our friends, and don't forget the love for the fur babies that inhabit our homes and hearts as well.

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