Thursday, 13 August 2015

August 12th World Elephant Day

If today is 'World Elephant Day' and the name of this Blog is 'Irene Loves Elephants'. There could hardly be any other subject matter more fitting than an elephant for today's blog.

However, I am sitting in New Zealand and the closest elephants (two of them actually) are in the zoo at least 1 1/2 hours drive from home. Or I could hop on a plane and head to the closest continent, ie Asia to find one. Like that is going to happen!

So I started thinking about elephants Do I post older photos that I have taken when I have encountered elephants, both in Africa and Thailand? But my blog is centred on taking one photo a day, so that would be cheating just a tad. Then I started thinking of all the elephants I have in my collection, and which is the nearest and dearest to me. Which is hard to contemplate as they all have their little story. They may relate to a purchase overseas and remind me of a particular holiday, or be a special gift and remind me of a special person and family. So my mind was wandering (which it does tend to do a lot some days -  advancing years?). Then I thought well who is my absolute nearest and dearest. My hubby George of course. I remembered his very first gift to me. Well 2nd actually, if you count the flowers he bought for me on the day we first met.

Let's step back in time to our very first weekend away together. We spent the weekend at Whitianga township on NZ's East Coast. Actually that weekend started a tradition whenever we are over at that coast line. We drive up one way through Tairua township and home the other, via the Thames Coast. Except that very first time I suggested we stop at Coromandel township for a shop as George had never been there.  And that is where he bought my first gift for me. This beautiful, beautiful glass elephant that is as special and close to my heart as he is (insert violin virtuoso at this point).

ps no matter where I stood to take a photo, my reflection was in it and in the tv above,  Just as well it is a head shot only!

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