Tuesday, 25 August 2015

August 24th More Same Old...

Something exciting better happen soon, because it is more same old in this neighbourhood.. I think I may have to drop a note to the 'Ministry of Excitement' and put some oomphy poomphy into my days.  However I have to keep in mind that even though Spring is around the corner (yep, I see you lurking there just waiting to explode and brighten our days), it is still Winter and the days can still be bleak.

On the bleak theme, we decided to indulge in a spot of movie viewing, that involved a very old Japanese movie, filmed in Black and White and with subtitles. It was called 'Yojimbo' and was made in 1961. George was quite disappointed that I had never heard of the star Toshiro Mifune.  Apparently he made lots of Samurai movies in the 1960s. Where was I???  Irene to George "Little girls in the 1960s did not watch Samurai movies!"  Actually I don't think Samurai movies made it to NZ shores until possibly the 70s?

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