Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August 11th Breaking News!

I have finally proven there is a mysterious parallel universe for socks! I often thought this world existed, but had no definitive proof. I was sure there would be 2 socks in the wash, only to find when putting clean laundry away, that I had one single sock left over. This is by no means a rare occurrence.In this household, the parallel universe for missing socks appears to majorly consist of white ones and then very rarely the odd work sock, ie big heavy duty woolen varieties. Finally I had evidence of this over the last couple of days.

Rewind back a couple of days and I was sorting dirty laundry, and took George to task as hah! There was only one white sock in this particular load. So he was the culprit and the one to blame all this time. I went into nagging housewife mode, ie where was its twin? George was berated and returned with the errant sock (which he found hiding under the bed). Maybe he wasn't too blame and the sock was trying to escape to the parallel universe back then, but was foiled in its escape plans?

So in amongst the dirty laundry we had two white socks. A fact that both of us could confirm. Yesterday I went to hang said laundry outside (it is wintertime, but it was a lovely breezy day and the sun was out but only a top of around 12 degrees celsius - just an aside weather report for you). I am a tad pedantic and even when wet, as I peg the laundry, I match the socks. Just so they can hang out with their little buddy, even if they feel a little drippy and wet behind the ears..

Guess What? You guessed it!  There was only ONE single, solitary white sock! I retraced my steps - no sign of it. I have a front loader machine so twirled the barrel in case it was stuck to the top - no sign of it. That damned single white sock was gone. I could hardly call the Police and put an APB out for a missing single white sock, but it was gone, disappeared into sock oblivion!

So there you have it. There is a mysterious parallel universe where single socks beam themselves and escape to. It has finally been proven!! I expect to have a published thesis regarding this very important scientific fact produced by 2016.

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