Friday, 28 August 2015

August 27th The Nosey Neighbour

There is a very nosey neighbour in our 'hood,  ie myself!  I was working away yesterday when I head the noise of a truck reversing signal. Which I thought unusual as we are up a fairly steep driveway as most know, with one house behind us (here's looking at you Bryan).

So to hear a truck reversing signal and quite loud was unusual. So I just had to investigate this unusual circumstance and looked out our lounge window to see this (note to self, windows need cleaning).

That is actually a large container on the back of this truck and he reversed from the bottom! I was slightly peeved as it would have been advantageous if he had taken out that damned power pole.  We have had a quote to move it back to make it easier for vehicle access and it is close to $5,000!  Yet no matter who or what uses the driveway, it has never ever been knocked down. Maybe one day? This particular nosey neighbour lives in hope.

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