Monday, 10 August 2015

August 8th and 9th A Wet Weekend

Not only was it a wet weekend, but it was also stormy. No venturing out on Saturday. Sunday was an improvement but bitterly cold. The joys of wintertime!

With weather like this, there was not much to do on Saturday except snuggle down, watch movies and say cheese. Time to prep last week's cheese making effort for some bagging. With offcuts destined for consumption over the coming week.

Forward to Sunday, and definitely too cold for any outdoor activities. And what happens on these sort of days? Apart from the obvious feet up and movies of course. Time to think of housekeeping duties. It was time for 'The Cleaning Of The Oven'.   This actually is a job I do NOT mind doing. You may find this unusual - but let me share with you the benefits of a pyrolitic oven. Forget ashes to ashes, this is grease to ashes.  When deciding on our new kitchen 5 years ago and appliances, I am so, so glad we opted for this oven

Here is the Before:

Allow me to present the After:

Oh the joys of modern technology!  And the woes of another weekend gone.

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