Monday, 31 August 2015

August 29th to 30th From a Gender Reveal to Granny Duties

Saturday involved a Gender Reveal party for friends Alvin, Alicia and their little girl Ella. Even they had no idea whether Ella was to have a little sister or brother. Only the Sonographer and the Cake Decorator were aware.

Drum Roll everybody for the result.....

Congratulations to Alvin, Alicia and Ella.  It was then time to leave the festivities and to put on my Nana hat. Not before admiring some street art work on the way to the car

On to Nana Patrol  Sunday dawned and I am so glad I have a granddaughter who appreciates bling as much as I do. We had to bling her nails before we hit the town for a girly lunch out

 Finishing off my Nana duties by taking her to swimming lessons and being the proudest Nana at the pools.


  1. Irene I've never heard of a Gender Reveal party - what a neat idea! I can imagine the pent up excitement of the expectant parents and siblings and family and friends as the knife slices through the cake. Gorgeous cake I might add.

    Your Gandaughter's colourful fingernails remind me of my only Grandaughter whose nails are always brightly coloured and glittered etc. Oh to be a child again. My Grandaughter is turning 4 tomorrow. Party on Saturday!
    D. xx

  2. D, it looks like the Gender Reveal has originated in the US (where else) and is making its way to our shores now. It was different.
    You must be looking forward to your granddaughters 4th Birthday!! Because we had the two boys, I am so enjoying doing girly things (without the responsibility). Have a wonderful party on Saturday!!! xxxxx