Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August 31st Words Fail Me..

In the words of my wonderful father in law, who has passed this realm, today I had to say 'words fail me'.  I was in head down and posterior up mode, working away, sourcing an airfare from Brisbane to London return.  As is always the case with airfares, a good read is required. Can we sell this fare from NZ, do we have the right travel dates, what booking class do I use to see if it is available, can the customer use a seat, can the customer breathe, or leading up to my photo, even use the toilet whilst on board.  In all my years of reading airfare rules, this is the first time I have come across this one

Yes folks, we have a POO fare.  I don't know if this is a shitty one, if they are taking the crap out of me or if your name has to be Jack Schitt to travel on this one. I only know this is a POO fare. Now the dilemma of the day.... do I contact my customer and say yes I have the airfare, however it is a POO fare. Can you please make sure you are suitably ummm, ahhh, full of shite when you travel?


  1. Thanks for the laugh of the day Irene - that takes the cake! I will willingly pay by POO if that gets me to London and back. I can start collecting and bottling right now! I wonder how much they want? Ha ha!
    D. xx

  2. Dawn, your comment had me laughing out loud!! I have heard of greenhouse emissions from flights - but have we now got brown house emissions????? :) xxx