Saturday, 5 September 2015

September 4th Friday Frivolities

Friday, Friday, the end of a working week
hopefully to catch one's breath and put one's feet up, so to speak
Which means that we are at a week end
I wonder what that will portend?

Just your usual average Friday. I did manage to pop out to pick up an online purchase of these pre 1960's pharmaceutical bottles. Some of them even had the original contents in

Then what a wonderful way to finish my working day. I think for the last month, every Friday has involved working until at least 7pm. Tonight it was only just after 5pm. George told me to get a drink in my hand put my feet up and he would cook dinner. Who is going to argue with such a sound philosophy - especially when he indicated his mashed potatoes would be on the menu. Believe me, no one makes mashed potatoes like George makes mashed potatoes!

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