Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September 1st A Call Out To Ornithologists...

Before I go down the Ornithology road, it is worth noting that September 1st is the first day of Spring in our hemisphere. The day should be filled with pictures of green grass, daffodils, and lambs playing with a backdrop of a beautiful clear blue sky behind them. Instead it was:

Spring has Sprung
The Grass has 'ris
I wonder where some frigging sunshine is

Rain is pouring down everywhere
I can't step outside without ruining my hair
I just would enjoy one fine day
to feel some warmth and outside to stay

In other words the day blew a gale, it was cold and it wasn't just a spot of rain, it was precipitating down in bucket loads. 

Towards the end of the day I actually started wondering what on earth I could do for a photo. A grey, misty sky didn't appeal. Then I saw this outside. And this is where assistance from Ornithologists would be appreciated. I think this is a Kookaburra - maybe? But they are native to Australia. I googled and there is a very small population in New Zealand, but in the West of Auckland in the Waitakere's and up to Whangarei. They were introduced back in the late 1800s and apparently there are approximately 500 flitting there wings. But that is up there, and I am down here at least 100 kms away.  

If I am wrong, can someone identify this bird please?


  1. We are in the 'up there' area Irene. We had one in a tree outside our dining room window about 3 weeks ago. I have had two other sightings here over the past few years. I know there is/was a small colony of them on the northern outskirts of our village. People would hear then laughing. Don't know whether they are still there or not now. Interesting birds! Obviously they have headed south. I cannot think of what other bird it could be.

  2. Thank you Dawn!!! I thought I was seeing things and couldn't imagine Kookaburras being down this way. The bird sat on the lines for ages. I hope it comes back again one day - and when the sky looks a lot nicer :)