Monday, 28 September 2015

September 25 - 27 A Long Weekend

Being of psychic abilities (not really, I just used my common sense). I knew we were ready for a bit of  R & R, and an extended weekend away. Well I knew this month's ago and booked in for a lovely stay at Bethshans Motel, Algie Bay (which is above Auckland).

Firstly, She Who Rules The House, had to be considered. If we can have a weekend away, she has ruled that she must have a weekend away as well. Here she is as we make our way to her Doggy Motel. She can hardly contain her excitement, and had to take over driving duties

A leisurely drive for us

That was Friday, Saturday was spent in much needed Slob and Blob mode - in between admiring the bay,, taking walks to the waters edge we also indulged in a much needed Game of Thrones Fest in between.

At dusk, we decided to venture further afield to explore the neighbourhood on foot and surrounding gardens.

Sunday dawned and it was time to leave. Unfortunately there had been a major road accident and a detour was required away from main roads. Being unfamiliar with the area there were times when we were in a 'Where the Far Kar We' state - but all ended up well (in a country the size of NZ it is impossible for it not to end up well).

George did a job at Snow Planet a while ago, and has been wanting to take me to the Cafe there so I could see the facility. What a fantastic idea, and actually the coffee is good here as well

George came back from the Little Boys' Room all oohs and aaahs..He told me I had to check out the Little Girls' Room. Well I did and it was just your usual ho hum Little Girls' Room. So he took the phone to take photos so we could compare. Ours was nothing like this!

Time to leave the Big Smoke and head down the highways to the Little Smoke

Back from sea views, to green grass and distant mountain views. There is no place like home!

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