Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September 28th Oops I Did It Again

I really could do with a PA. Well actually some days I could do with two of me - although the rest of the world may cough and splutter at that suggestion!

I was bumbling along with my usual day, and as I often do, I think during the day (don't cough and splutter at that either please) and consider my options for what photo I am going to take for that particular days blog. The minutes and then hours ticked by, and I had no idea until it came to dinner time.  Yes I thought to myself - my crunchy roast potatoes will make a nice photo  I make a particularly good crunchy roast potato, even if I do say so myself.

Problem solved you would think. But not so! It was one of those days where everything electrical or bluetooth decided they wouldn't perform to standard  A wireless printer - yes if I am in the same room, but a big fat no to the laptop in another room.  External hard drive - lets fry the spare laptop. The other external hard drive - so you think you can find me. You get the drift. The house is currently undergoing a bit of an electronic meltdown, and a photo of crunchy roast potatoes was the last thing on my mind We finally sat down to a dinner of lovely roast pork, crunchy roast potatoes and coleslaw, and then it was a big ooops. Where's the photo op? Sorry folks you will have to make do with what was left on my dinner plate when I realised no photo had been taken.

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