Wednesday, 9 September 2015

September 8th Random Acts of Kindness

There are still some wonderful people in the world out there - apart from myself of course. Just kidding!!  Today I was the lucky recipient of an act of kindness.  I have mentioned previously that we love doing Jigsaws, but only Wasgij appeals. FYI did you realise the word Wasgij is the word Jigsaw backwards? I told you I was educational. Why we like them is the picture on the cover is only a clue, and the puzzle is different.

Back to me being the recipient of a random act of kindness. There are various garage sale sites on Facebook, and I noticed a woman selling a lot of jigsaws - but no Wasgij. So I thought what the heck I will ask if she has any. Lo and behold she did, so we arranged a time in the future to meet up and for me to buy them (she lives rurally). When I queried payment, she said a bag of lollipops would do for the kids

Today I received a text to say that she was in my neck of the woods, and did I want to meet her. Unfortunately due to work commitments, it was impossible. So she offered to come to my home. So that bit blew me away. I told her to make sure she had her bank account details so I could pay her, as I had no cash in the house and also I don't keep a lollipop stash in the pantry. I also gave her specific instructions on how to find our house.. ie no elephants means no Irene!!

Dee arrived mid morning with the puzzles. And I asked for her account details so I could immediately transfer. And she said not to worry!  I said I had to and there were no lollipops in the pantry and I had absolutely no cash. Finally I managed to make her take a bar of chocolate that was lurking in the pantry (well not lurking, very fresh from the grocery shop, but lurking nonetheless).

Well you most probably think that about wraps it up, and that was the random act of kindness. No it wasn't.  Because I had mentioned elephants, Dee remembered she had one she had held on to for years, and thought I should have it.  This is where I get teary eyed at how lovely people can be.

Actually further to that - I received a message today also from a friend from long ago, who I have re-established contact with on Facebook, but we haven't seen each other for years. She has returned from a trip to Seattle and when we do get together for a coffee, she has an elephant for me!

Have a look at the photo, and in the top left, to the right of the 1000 you will see my elephant gift from today - it is silver and a pendant. As I said, there are some truly beautiful people in the world, and we are lucky when they cross our paths.

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