Tuesday, 8 September 2015

September 7th It's Nothing!

Remember how Seinfeld was a TV show about nothing. Well I have to state that this posting, following in the steps of the renowned Seinfeld, is also about nothing. There really is no excuse for nothing.  For once I am speechless and can think of nothing to write about. Which is pretty amazing when you think I have been taking a photo a day for just short of 5 years, and writing this blog for just short of 3 years - and for the first time in that time span, I have absolutely  nothing to write about

So I sit here contemplating where all the navel fluff goes, would ear wax make a candle (eww that's a gruesome thought isn't it?) and I really have to remember to check which way water swirls down the drain next time I am ever in the Northern Hemisphere, to see if it is indeed different to the Southern Hemisphere (but I am sure that is a load of codswallop).

Don't panic I did take a photo. Here are Freesias from our garden. I purposely placed the vase on the bench above the cutlery cupboard. So every time I need a piece of cutlery my nose goes a little lower, and takes in the wonderful scent.

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