Thursday, 24 September 2015

September 23rd Double Bubbles

I got just a tad excited today. OK I confess, very excited. I was walking through the mall, on a mission from me, heading to the hairdressers.  Yes it was that time for the bi monthly Pinking again.

Normally I am in a rush, I don't look at anyone or anything. However this particular day, I walked past a food outlet and a bit of advertising caught my eye. They were selling Bubble Tea. Actually they had it listed as either hot or cold - I have only ever had it cold.  The tea comes in various flavours - Paw Paw is my flavour of choice (or Papaya - depending on which School of Snobbery you attended), and I always request Double Bubbles please.  I believe the Bubbles are Tapioca Jelly. I really couldn't care less what they are, but I love my Bubble Tea (well it's the Bubbles I am more in love with).

So Bubble Tea it was. And the staff at the hairdresser's were that engrossed in my Double Bubbles, that they headed out on their breaks to try Bubble Tea (but played it safe and went for just the normal amount of Bubbles).

Just a wee note to other Hamilton residents who may decide to try Bubble Tea. I prefer the Bubble Tea from either the Hamilton Night Markets or the Japanese Restaurant in Ward Street to this one.  The Bubbles were yummy, but the rest was really not my 'cup of tea' - pardon the pun!

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