Monday, 7 September 2015

September 5th - 6th Cas Branza and Chores

A weekend filled with chores and food - making it. I seem to be making a lot of cheese, but we also seem to be eating a lot of it. It is so good, and our now go to snack and nibble choice is 'Fat Bottoms Estate' Cheese. With diminishing supplies, I decided this would be the perfect weekend to replenish the fridge.

Do you know how little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet -what the heck is a tuffet anyway?  On that note I had to rush off to see my best friend Mr Google to investigate, and a tuffet apparently is a low seat. So now you know. You can't say my blog is nothing but educational. Back to Miss Muffet. If you have ever wondered or lost many a nights sleep wondering what Curds and Whey look like. Here is a picture of the one and the same thing. A scoop of Curds being lifted out of whey

There is a Romanian cheese called Cas Branza. I made one wheel for George to enjoy. No he didn't sneak a wedge whilst I wasn't looking. He took a wedge to share with a Romanian friend, he was helping to move.

 The rest of Saturday consisted of the usual chores, some of which are too exciting to even mention here - not!!  On to Sunday and more chores.  Two appliances actually made a rare appearance. The Iron and Ironing Board  - which made it's last appearance six months ago, so not too bad  However my sewing machine only comes out once a decade if that?  I have had it for over 30 years now, and have had it fully serviced once.  Which appears to have done it a lot of good, as it went through a recalcitrant stage, ie spitting it's dummy in the dirt and would start sewing when I stood up from the machine. To the extent that I had to pull the power source when I stood up. I was beginning to think it was The Ghost Of Neglected Sewing Machines pulling a prank on me, but it appears to behave itself now - although it isn't out for that that long to know!! Allow me to present a 1977 Vintage Janome

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