Monday, 21 September 2015

September 20th Honey I'm Home

After 8 days away in Thailand, it is good to be back in the land of New Zea, and home with my two honeys. The weather gods here are not so kind, with an extremely wet weekend. Well maybe they are kind as it meant a weekend spent with the feet up in between doing the unpacking and washing. And if you are going to have your feet up, a nibble dish is required.

I am not sure if anyone else is like me, but I really don't like sundried tomatoes - I find them too leathery and chewy. I prefer to use fresh on my platter. It was so good to sit down and nibble on my home made cheese, fresh tomatoes and stuffed olives. 

I love elephants, I love Thailand and I love travel - but there is no place like home!


  1. Oh welcome home Irene! Hope you managed to evade the flu bugs before you left. You certainly have come home to winter weather in autumn! It's a darned cold southerly up here today, so I know what it will be like in Hamilton. Now, I want to know how many elephants you brought home with you? At least with the type of travel case you have I imagine you can't make it bulge!
    D. xx

  2. Don't know what I was thinking - I should have put 'You certainly have come home to winter weather in SPRING'. (That's what this cold weather does to me - it dumbs down my mind!!)

    1. Hi Dawn. Isn't it freezing!!! To think I was enjoying 30 degrees a few days ago. I did not get the flu thank goodness - and George has had the flu injection and is still sick now, and I have had nothing and touching huge hunks of timber (better hug Tane Mahuta) I haven't been sick yet. Fingers crossed. As for elephants that came home - only one and it was gifted - a little ceramic elephant candle holder. And I bought an Elephant Hills Coffee cup from the elephant camp - I was soooo good. This would be the lightest I have ever travelled - I only had 14kg coming home and that is on a 30kg allowance!! :) xxxxx