Monday, 12 September 2016

September 9th to 11th A Whimsical Whitianga Weekend

We were extremely fortunate to be invited by Chris and Judy, over to Whitianga for the weekend. The annual Whitianga Scallop Festival was on, and it was a wonderful opportunity to have a weekend break.

Saturday was about all things food - not only Scallops, but also seafood and other yummy delights accompanied by good wines. We managed to also watch a cooking demonstration, dedicated to the humble scallop.

 Sunday morning loomed, and it was a beautiful day. So of course the boys went out to test their fishing capabilities. We were treated to some beautiful waterway views both the night before and again when the fishermen headed out and returned home

And what did us girls get up to while the lads were out fishing? Lunching of course. You had to wonder? Although we didn't partake in any of the on tap offerings, and indulged in either a fine Pinot Gris (them) and a glass with lovely bubbles in it (me).

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