Friday, 2 September 2016

September 1st There Is A Nosy Neighbour In Our Neighbourhood!!

Yes, there has been confirmation today that a nosy neighbour resides in our neighbourhood!  And that person is ... drum roll.... wait for it......... ME! 

I was driving up the driveway and happened to spy the following down in our neighbour Bryan's yard. He is the one who has a difficult time winning at our monthly card games and I am sure history will repeat itself this evening. Anyway back to what I spotted at Bryan's.  A bit of retroactive history, that has really seen better days. George has never seen one before, but I sure as heck remember Mum having this type of old wringer washing machine, as did every other NZ household back in the day.

Oh, and don't worry I did do the right neighbourly thing and get Bryan's permission before letting myself loose in his kingdom.


  1. My old wringer-washer is still sitting in the garage..............Oh how I loathed washing all the nappies, putting them through the wringer, into the rinsing water in the tub, rinse, rinse, rinse, then back through the wringer and then heading for the clothesline. Mustn't complain because I'd have hated washing them by hand! Now it's so easy with automatic washing machines but less mothers use cloth nappies, instead opting for disposable nappies. How things change!

    1. I actually was discussing this very fact with George last night. Can you remember doing the sheets and towels, and not forgetting nearly having your hand go through the wringer - I know my hand got caught more than once. No wonder there wasn't such an obesity problem back then :)
      But I always loved seeing the row of white nappies on the line - but I remember when we lived in Melbourne, there was a summer where there was some sort of black flying bug (not a big or scary bug), but the dry had brought them out of hiding and they were attracted to whites. Nappies would be covered in them! That whole summer I had to put the nappies through the dryer - actually that is when I had to buy a dryer as I had no other option and our house had no garage

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