Monday, 5 September 2016

September 2nd to 4th The Weekend Of The Three 'Fs'

From Friday, it was certainly going to be the weekend of the three Fs, which was Friends, Family and Food. Friday evening started off with our monthly game of cards. I am going to sweep reference to this particular evening under the table and make very little mention of it. Well I have to confess this is only because I came last. There were only the three of us playing this evening (Cristina and Crae decided they would rather travel Europe then enjoy the pleasure of our company - hmph) and then to rub salt into my wounds, I lost! Yes I lost the game. All kudos to Bryan, who managed to come first. But as I said we won't go there

Let's quickly move on to Saturday. It was family day. My little sister was back for a short visit as it is her birthday, which meant dinner out.

Obviously I didn't take this photo, but it was too nice of a get together for me not to be included
Sunday was a lot quieter for us. George actually worked (yes a 7 day week this week). He managed to get home early enough to get his foodie project underway. He has had a wonderful, wonderful piece of Pork belly in a rosemary brine this week. It was finally time to smoke it.

In the first frame of each photo we have the BS photo - get your mind out of the gutter. That stands for Before Smoking!!  And the second frame is the AS photo, ie After Smoking. The neighbourhood was treated to the smell of smokin' bacon in the afternoon. It is now hanging to dry, and we are salivating as we wait for the time we can enjoy it.

And that's a wrap for the weekend. Good times, good company and good food. Who could ask for more?


  1. Ohh yum, how long do you have to wait? Only one week I'm hoping.

    1. We usually vacuum pack and then leave it for a lot longer to mature. The problem is finding good pork belly. They either have ribs still in or there isn't a good layer of fat. This piece was bought online from a South Island wholesaler - but they can't supply any pork belly for another couple of months due to a disaster with a factory roof collapse from too much rain! So I am going to wait until they are up and working again and have product and will order from them direct.

  2. Oh man, my tongue is hanging out! That was worth the wait wasn't it? It will be absolutely delicious. I do envy you.

    BTW - happy Birthday to your lovely Sis!
    Dawn. xx

    1. Hi Dawn - this isn't the first time we have done this. The smokey flavour is amazing when added to a chorizo and bean dish for example - mouth drooling in fact :)
      Will pass on your birthday wishes xxx

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