Tuesday, 20 September 2016

September 19th Homage To The VW

Today I am going to pay  homage to the VW.  I had a tradesman here today and he saw our new front door mat (photo posted last week) and then the below cabinet, and he started saying how much he loves VWs. So forget why he was here, we had a general chin wag about VWs. I think he was here for an hour - five minutes of which was spent to do  his job and fifty five minutes was spent talking about VWs.

Well when you meet a fellow enthusiast - what is one to do? So I showed him the toilet. No, not for that reason. Come on guys, I do have some class. I just wanted to share the VW love that we also have in the smallest room in the house

It's a bit hard to take a photo of all four walls and in a very small room. So here is the majority of the collection combined into photos. Oh you wanted to see them all? Well you will just have to visit us, and ask to use the toilet (or bathroom if you are American) won't you!

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