Saturday, 24 September 2016

September 23rd Gaijin Eating Japanese

Time to dine out with Alvin, Alicia and their two gorgeous girls Ella and Esme. Last time we were out it was Indian Cuisine and because we like to change the mix around, tonight we opted for a newly opened Japanese restaurant called Edo.

For those not familiar with the word Gaijin it actually refers to non Japanese, and literally translates to outside person. How do I know the word? Because I read the author James Clavell's Asian series. The books in chronological order (compliments of Wikipedia) are:
It has been many years since I have read these and I still have all the books and must sit down and read them again.

Sorry I went off on another tangent didn't I!  All I wanted to do was explain how I knew the word Gaijin. Which the six of us were in a Japanese restaurant - if we had been in Japan of course. But we weren't. We were here in good old NZ and enjoying extremely authentic Japanese food (according to local reviews), and some very good Ramen.

psst.... Check out the Menu - Sping Onion anyone?

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