Monday, 19 September 2016

September 17th and 18th: The Weekend That Was

Let's start on Sunday when I stumbled upon some Art In The Park. Yes, our suburban green wonderland had it's very own art installation

It could be interpreted as a large block of cheese on a green canvas, or a sea of foam in a green sea... or... OK I give up! I confess, it was just a piece of old foam rubber on a piece of grass. But I am sure if it had a barrier placed around it, and an admission fee was charged - people would flock to see it.

Let's go back one day to Saturday. They day was spent preparing a lovely dinner for all the family to celebrate my youngest son Todd's, 32nd birthday.  Can I just blow my trumpet here and tell one and all that I do make a fairly mean Cauliflower Cheese. Not that I am one to boast of course. But did I tell you about my Cauliflower Cheese?  However, I think I was too busy in my abilities in the kitchen, that I didn't really take any photos. I overlooked a photo of the birthday cake, and mini pavlovas. But I did manage to grab a photo of one of the mini cupcakes that were also provided.

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