Monday, 26 September 2016

September 24th and 25th A Big FAT W for Weekend

Yes folks that time of the week certainly rolled in again. And just as fast as it rolled in, it rolled out.

Saturday we had a wonderful visit from Chantal and Bernice, her absolutely gorgeous 10 year old. And as always, I kick myself after visitors leave as usually I am so engrossed in their company, that the last thing on my mind is taking photos. Then they drive off into the sunset and I realise I have done it yet again. However I did get a photo of a wonderful gift Chantal brought us, complete with flowering pansies. And all in the right colour matching as well

Sunday - bleurgh. George had a job to attend up in Auckland and an early start. So I worked as well as I had some complicated files. But I did venture out in the garden and spotted this in some newly laid cement that George had put down yesterday. Yes Minnie has left her paw print for future generations to know that Minnie lived here

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