Thursday, 15 September 2016

September 14th Guardians Of The Office

I have to confess I had absolutely no idea of what photo to take today. Some days an opportunity just pops out of the box, hits you in the face, and says here I am. Well other days, in complete contrast there is nothing. Well there is obviously something, because I don't stay confined in one little corner all day. But at the end of the day (as our irksome Prime Minister is want to say) when your day comprises the following routine:
  • Breakfast
  • Blog
  • Work
  • Walk
  • Work
  • Dinner
  • TV 
  • Snorefest
and it is the same routine, same places, same things. What photo can one take that is different? Although I guess I could have provided you with a photo of Wayne and Laurie, who came up to discuss the removal of a very large and old Palm tree stump (4WD and a rope - really!!). Or our first tulip has flowered (but to be honest it isn't very pretty looking and looks quite sad being the only one in flower).

So at the end of the day (once again kudos to the irksome PM for this saying), I was in my office. And then I remembered! The ones that have my back. I have a floor to ceiling, room width, book shelf that George made for my office (don't worry, in the event of an earthquake it is conveniently bolted to the wall so I don't get buried).  In amongst all the books are my Guardians Of The Office - ie they who have my back and that have travelled from all different points of the globe. That I can always depend upon to be on the lookout for me, each and every day They have no choice do they?

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