Wednesday, 14 September 2016

September 13th A Night At The Museum

Tonight I indulged in some culture. Please do not be shocked! There actually is a partition in my brain with a specific section dedicated to  'Culture'.  I love admiring art work.  My greatest experience was actually seeing the greats, ie Van Gogh in Dutch museums. But I am not in the Netherlands, and am in Hamilton, New Zealand.

I actually wasn't at the Museum for culture as such. It was a work related evening, with a presentation by the tour company Tauck. Most impressive by the way. However because I was early, I had time to look at a current art exhibition focusing on the Waikato region here in NZ. There were paintings from the early 1900s and it actually was amazing to compare art depicting local scenery and towns, from a then and now perspective.

So that was my evening. A mix of culture and a mix of education.

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