Friday, 9 September 2016

September 8th Brrrrrrrrrr!!

Well as I am arranging travel for customers to go to warmer climes, receiving photos from them of their view from an apartment window in Venice - not that I am jealous much. Especially when we are supposedly into the eighth day of Spring here in NZ. We had a real polar blast from Antarctica blow up this way and the whole country was affected. A local mountain, Mt Pirongia, had a very rare dusting of snow on it's peaks.

In other words, today was colder than anything I have felt all Winter. Even to the extent that I had to wear a beanie when I walked Minnie, and she had to have her little doggy jumper on.

Below is the temperature just before 8:30am. For Fahrenheit people, that is 41 degrees. And they call this Spring?

And three hours later it only climbed to 7 degrees (44F) and for us, didn't get over 11 all day (52F)

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