Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May 31st Living With An Engineer

For food storage purposes we have a chest freezer, which due to it's size resides in the garage. I think it may be a 300 litre capacity. Actually I have no idea but that sounded good. I just know it is long and deep. As I write this it is cold and 8 degrees celsius outside, so please don't expect me to pop out to take a photo.

Back to our chest freezer. Because it is so deep it is easy to lose track of what is actually stored there. OK it's labelled, but with me being so short I can't even get to the bottom. If I tried to take something from the bottom and was home alone, I stand a very good chance of being swallowed into its frozen depths and not submerging again. And between you and me, if that happened, then 8 degrees outside would be a summer's day!!

I have gone into waffle mode haven't I! The reason for this blog is that with a chest freezer like this, which I constantly complain and make derogatory comments about, George's engineering background came to the fore.  We made up an inventory of the freezer contents as below

This has now been transferred to a spreadsheet. First world problems, because now I have to remember to update the spreadsheet when I either take something out of the freezer or add to it.