Monday, 13 June 2016

June 11th to 12th .. Sadness

I had a very quiet weekend, and you know what. I am glad I had a very quiet weekend. With the knowledge that I had my blog to write, I was wondering what photos I should use from the various ones taken each day of the weekend. That was my biggest dilemma.

Can you imagine waking this morning to the news of the biggest massacre in US history. I guess Facebook profiles will be changed to reflect the sadness and the grief being felt, but will this change things? It was just over 6 months ago we all  had the Paris flag across our profiles. It certainly does help us acknowledge our own grief and our own puzzlement as to what is happening with mankind. But it doesn't stop this hate happening.

The next thing I read on my Facebook feed, was this damning indictment of a part of NZ society.  This is the other end of the spectrum most of us never, ever see and don't want to see.  I am sure this is not just happening in New Zealand but is happening worldwide.

Just like the rest of you I have no answers. But on reflection I am grateful that my own personal biggest problem of the weekend was photography and blog related. Below are photos I took each day. Looking back, in hindsight, I am glad these were the photos I captured, and I am fortunate in my own personal life that this was my major dilemma.

There is still beauty in the world, both in the organic and inorganic.

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