Thursday, 16 June 2016

June 15th Shock! Gasp! Horror!

No photo today folks. I know you must be wondering what is going on with the world. Is it ending? Is that a bird in the sky? Does this mean, does this mean. Oh no!  Does this mean the end? Irene did not take a photo.

Rest easy! The world isn't ending and I did take a photo. After all, I did promise over 5 1/2 years ago to take a photo every day, and I have never not yet met my promise.

The only problem is that the photo I did take is a very bad one. Then I got sidetracked. Well not really sidetracked. A certain four letter word got me thinking of other things. OMG.. You are thinking of THAT four letter word aren't you! The four letter word I am referring to is WORK!!  I would never have believed it of you. Get that mind of yours out of the gutter - immediately! This instant! It was work, work and more work.

Back to the one and only, allow me to present...... drum roll please..... my office ceiling!


  1. Love that picture Irene! It reminds me of staying with my paternal Grandparents whose home had that type of ceiling panel with wooden framing. It is such a lovely feature. Sadly the house was pulled down about 25 years ago (by new owners) and replaced with some modern (at the time) fandangled house which now looks very ordinary!! My grandparent's home was on their farm and was such a warm and inviting place. Great memories - thankyou.
    Dawn. xx

    1. Dawn, we have the same ceiling throughout the entire house. Back in 2010 when we had a new kitchen put in, I was worried about the existing ceiling, as it needed replacing. But good news as we found a manufacturer here in Hamilton, who was able to replicate the exact same pattern in the plaster sheets, and of course the timber slats were restained. So even though the kitchen ceiling is now only 6 years old - you would never guess it, as it is done in the original style of the house (built in the 1920s) :)