Thursday, 2 June 2016

June 1st A Lot Of Nothing...

Today really did not lend itself to photographic shots. My only face to face contact was with Minnie. And if I really tell you the truth, it was a bad hair day, stay in my dressing gown because I haven't got time to get dressed day, don't lift my bum off this chair day - all day. One of those days where you feel your butt is fused into the chair. I most probably have a leather imprint on my butt, and aren't even aware of it!

As for dinner? Well George ended up having one of those days and didn't make it home at all. So my dinner was, was, was... umm a piece of left over fish from the night before.

So the above is the realistic version of A Day In The Life Of Irene... I could give you the Hollywood version if you prefer?

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