Thursday, 23 June 2016

June 22nd Black and White Theme

Out on my walk with Minnie today firstly we encountered the unusual. I don't know where the occupant of this wheelchair was. It was certainly empty and there was no one around at all. We were the only living things on the street (well apart from birds, ants, spiders, hidden mice, maybe the odd rat - you get my drift)

I decided my photos for today required a Black and White theme. It was a very dismal and grey day, and not a person in sight on our entire walk

I am so glad this isn't our house. I have never seen a living occupant here, but there are vehicles at times.

Roses are taking a battering in the wind and rain


  1. Love the photos - extremely effective highlighting the flower or berries only.
    Dawn. xx

    1. Thanks Dawn. A big of arty fartiness overtook me :)