Monday, 27 June 2016

June 25th to 26th Yep - The Weekend

I was a work widow for the two days as George had to work. He did get to come home in the evenings of course, but the days were mine alone.

On Saturday I went out to my son's house, which was the family home, and was in shock to see this tree. Why? Because a good 15 to 20 years years ago I bought an inside pot plant. Off the top of my head it was called China Lace? I was advised it was definitely an indoor only plant and was quite hardy.

Well this plant was definitely hardy. It outgrew it's welcome inside. Totally unsure of where to plant it, I decided it could go in a sheltered spot straight into a dirt patch out the back. If it survived all well and good, and if it didn't - well worse things have happened at sea.  Forward the clock  to now - and this is the indoor pot plant. I am sure glad we moved it outside

Then in the blink of an eye it was Sunday. George was at work. The weather was exactly the same as previous, which can drive a good woman to drink. Well even a bad woman like me. I did manage to get half way around the block walking Minnie, before the heavens opened. So it was a day spent tucked up on the couch with a good red (bottle of wine that is).  And eating comfort food - a wonderful hearty bacon hock vegetable soup.

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