Saturday, 11 June 2016

June 10th Travellers Galore

A holiday for me? No way Hose A! Oh how I wish. Temperatures have fallen, it is winter time. The sky seems to have taken on a permanent grey colour, with a little glimpse of blue every now and then. The sun has lost its warmth.

Was it only a week ago I was sitting on a deck, basking in short sleeves in sunshine,listening to crashing waves? That was the last glimpse of summer. And now myself, and many other NZ'ers are facing the realities of winter.

Which is where I step in due to my career choice. I start getting the serious phone calls to find customers holidays in sunnier and warmer climes close to home.Just today my focus has been on a luxury holiday on a small exclusive 5 star property on Aitutaki Island in the Cook Islands and flying Business Class. Next up don't worry what type of accommodation, but just get us a pool front room, and in Rarotonga. Noumea sounds nice - can you organise that? Next up let's go to Fiji,  Irene you decide,you know what we like. The last new booking... 8 days in Singapore is what we want for me, and the Mrs and the kids.

That was just today, and of course I have a lot of existing bookings being worked on. Meanwhile in my corner of the world, the inside temperature is reading as follows

And I am in a pretty good place, when you consider it is warm inside and my days focus has been on much warmer tropical climes. All I need now is a customer requesting that they pay and I travel with them as a personal concierge to pave the way at airports - as long as we can go our separate ways at the destination, and oh as long as I can have George accompany me, oh and as long as it is where I want to go and it is where I want to stay. Yep that's my dream holiday!

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