Friday, 24 June 2016

June 23rd The Dull Wear Dash

The wonderful view I had looking out my car windscreen

Why I had this view is because I decided I would head out to buy myself some lunch. I had a hankering for some battered Bluff Oysters. When the hankering comes calling, you don't muck about. You indulge your desires. So Bluff Oysters for lunch it was.

Now because it was a quick dash to the best fish n chip shop that makes battered Bluff Oysters worth salivating  over  (5 minute drive each direction) and the wait inside is longer, I thought it would be safe to do the dash without getting dolled up to go out. Comb of the hair, bleary eyes, forget any jewellery,  footwear - nothing special. You get my drift. Except as always happens when I decide to do a dull wear dash - I bump into a customer. Inside the Fish n Chip shop.  I didn't even see her until I hear the stomach dropping words 'Hello Irene'.  I cast a glance and there she is - in all her resplendent glory. Perfect make up,  perfect hair,  perfect clothes - accessorised just perfect. A perfect vision - and as for me? Leggings, big thick hoody and looking the total opposite. In a Fish n Chip shop.

But I did end up with a damned good lunch

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