Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June 28th Who's Is Whose

Don't you just love the English language. Look at my subject line, which says Who's is Whose. I just repeated it down here for those of you too lazy to lift your eyeballs to look up there. Back to the English language. Look at that - two words pronounced exactly the same, but one with an apostrophe and one without and the letter 'e' added at the end.Which is nothing to do with my photo. I only brought this up, because I have fuzzy wuzzy brain as I am writing this, and I had to google to make sure my spelling was correct! You never know just when those Grammar Police may pop up.

Let's get to the real subject on hand which is focusing on the fact that we dined out. It was a day at the hairdressers for me, so with a new hot shade of pink on my tresses, I thought it would be nice to go out. Check out the photos, and there are absolutely no prizes for guessing which was George's meal, and which was mine.

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