Thursday, 9 June 2016

June 8th My Indulgence

Don't worry, this photo of a vacuum cleaner isn't what I am referring to as my indulgence. It's the person who operates it, that is. I employ a cleaning company to come in monthly or as required, and to do a good deep clean of the house. For what I think is a very reasonable rate, they supply all the necessaries from cleaning products to mops, vacuums etc.

Because I work very long hours at home, this is a wonderful indulgence so I at least get to enjoy the spare time that I have here at home.

What was different about today's cleaner, is rather than being a lady turn up, it was a man. You never know who is going to turn up, apart from a text the night before confirming they are coming. I know it was a naughty misconception of me, to feel slightly shocked when I saw a man (aged at least in his late 30's). But he did the best and most thorough clean yet

When it got to 6 o'clock and I was still at my desk, it was such a nice feeling to look out of my confines and see and smell a sparkling clean house

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