Friday, 10 July 2015

July 9th Memories...

We were walking through Casino building this evening, to enjoy dinner out. If anyone wants to know the best place to enjoy a Malaysian/Singaporean, South East Asian style chinese food let me know. I have never eaten Tofu before in my life, and yet when we dine here, I always make sure it is on the table to share.

Back to the Casino building. Back in my younger days (cough cough amount of years ago), this building was home to the main Post Office in town, and upstairs hosted the town telephone exchange. I can remember as a child coming into town with Mum and having to go to the Post Office for both banking and mail duties. That continued on into my early working days. But of course by then, I didn't need Mum to hold my hand to go into town.

It was nice to see that the grand old lady may not be a Post Office any more, but still has the same old bones that are lovingly being tended

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