Friday, 24 July 2015

July 23rd The Business Meeting That Took Me Down Memory Lane

Today I had to meet an Airline Rep for coffee.  Just between you and me, Etihad do not fly direct into NZ but have some wonderful fares and great routings and European destinations. And who wouldn't want to fly in an apartment up in the air, in First Class. That would definitely be an item to put on your bucket list, and even more surprising re the cost, it is of course up there, but not as expensive as other airlines!

Anyway meeting over, back to the car and I looked over the park and saw the block of flats where I resided something like many decades ago! For vanity reasons, I won't post exactly how many years ago. The tales that little flat could tell from my very sober and upright youth (ok that was a gross exaggeration).  And I can even remember embarking on a fitness kick and running around the park - that lasted all of two days, or if I remember correctly maybe the one evening!

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