Wednesday, 8 July 2015

July 7th Who and Why?

Today was a Who and Why day.  Can you tell it is the middle of Winter, my toes are outdoors even less, which leads me to having more time to ponder the mysteries of life.

Firstly, let's consider the Who.  Everyone has no doubt noticed the little stickers placed on fruit. Every single piece of fruit has a sticker. Which leads me to wonder, who or actually what, puts the sticker on the fruit? Do fruit processing sheds worldwide have an employee with the job title 'The Sticker'?  Are their pay rises determined by how well they position the sticker. Which then means you would have to employ someone on Quality Control, to ensure the sticker has been put in the right place by 'The Sticker'!!

Well that is The Who part of my query for the day. Now let's move on to The Why.  I happened to be reading yet again another instance of strange lights in the night sky, and they were actually photographed and there is no logical explanation for these lights, even by those that are deemed to have authority in these matters.

My question then is.... if these lights are indeed from a Space Ship or beings from another planet, why do they only make their appearance after dark? Does that mean aliens are nocturnal? You never ever hear of sightings during daylight hours.  Maybe they are indeed upon us, but hide underground during daylight hours only to emerge with other nocturnal beings at night? I could well be onto something here. Or alternatively roll on better weather which will allow less pondering and navel fluff gazing.

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