Tuesday, 28 July 2015

July 27th My Dirty Little Secret............

I love this stuff!  The Food Police will want to throw me into jail for serving up this rice, but it is seriously so good and so tasty.  We always enjoy it.  I actually expected the ingredient list to include Parabens, Herbicides, Food Grade Silicon, Boob Enhancers, Hair Stimulants etc etc etc, but it isn't too bad. When I look at the ingredients list the only baddy as such is Flavour Enhancer [621], which is a way of telling us discreetly, when no one is looking and I'm wearing a raincoat and fedora hat type of way - that MSG is included. That is the only baddy of the bunch. I can live with that.


  1. I totally agree with you Irene. It's a fantastic standby if we go up to our bach on a Friday night - it doesn't take too long to whip up a treat.

    JBCWUTYR: Just Be Careful Where You Throw Your Rubbish.

    That was absolutely beautifully written by you and hilarious on F/L this morning!
    D. xxxx

  2. Thanks D... I am glad to see someone from FL land likes the above. I hadn't had it for years and when we headed to the beach for a week, I decided to take a packet with me. Well ever since then I have always had a packet in the pantry as well. We love it. And for bach type holidays it is perfect as well.
    Thanks for the heads up re the garbage post.. I couldn't resist it :) xxxxx