Monday, 27 July 2015

July 24th - 26th A Three Day Whammy

I am going to bowl you over with a three day in a row whammy today.  Friday, was like any other. I had to go in to the bustling metropolis of Hamilton City, and was happy to see that in our fair city, the Tall Poppy syndrome is alive and well.

On to Saturday and errands day to start with. I actually got to pick up a Fender Guitar (won't go into the full story on that one, but it was an on behalf of collection for friends), then on to stock up on Cheesemaking supplies. Between you and me Rennet tablets do NOT cut the mustard - or the whey to be precise. And I am that disappointed. Why can't places stick with what works. Back to Liquid Rennet I go and believe me if ever you go down the Cheese making road, it is preferable.  On to George's work for some items he forgot to bring home. They have had a complete office refurb, and I had the grand tour of the premises.  Lovely to see this old beauty at their entrance way. An original cream separator. I had a crank of the handle, and believe me it was not easy. No need for gym workouts back in the day for obvious reasons!

Saturday evening was dinner with friends. Olimpia makes the best Bean Soup (the name doesn't do it justice) in the world. It is a meal in itself, and you can never have one bowl.  After a Bean Soup night, I always walk away feeling like Buddha reincarnated with a big bloated belly! It is just the best. The meal was so good, the phone was away and I didn't even take a photo. Pretty bad form on my part.

Sunday loomed and the smell of paint permeated our household air. George has decided the spare room needs a spruce up and paint job,  This weekend the job got finished. I was busy on cheesemaking duties, so my hands did not get to meet the paint rollers.

Actually the photo doesn't do the colour justice. It looks grey here, but it is a beautiful  blue bird's egg colour, called Ashanti.  Prior to this, it was a Pink, but a Mushroom Pink. Ashanti is a definite improvement.

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