Monday, 13 July 2015

July 11th - 12th The Weekend of Walks and Yum Cha

A very fine, but very cold weekend. The minute your nose poked it's end out the door you could feel the snow in the air. Not that we have any here. But we do have extremely heavy frosts, which have been visiting us for a few days now.  Out on my walk with Minnie, I came along something I haven't seen in a while. Someone has dumped yet another mattress!  What is it with roadsides and dumping mattresses? Do people think a homeless person is going to come along and think yippee here's a great free score. It is not something they can roll up and take with them. Or if in this instance it is free to a good home, do they really think someone is going to come along and think wow, what a score. I have always wanted a free, pre stained mattress!

It was nice to continue our walk and be confronted by a more beautiful outlook, as opposed to a stained mattress 

On to Sunday, and we met friends Rob and Jo for Yum Cha. Always good to catch up with these two, and find out what has been happening in our respective worlds.

I nearly forgot! I was awake bright and early this morning and was greeted by this wonderful sight outside the laundry window.  Apparently (because I read it on Facebook and you know FB is 100% true) this is the last flight of the season. When the Balloon Festival is on, it is a common sight to look out our windows and see Balloons, but not regularly other times of the year. So this was a nice and bright spectacle to wake up to. Although with a very heavy frost down here, I bet it was even chillier up there!

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