Monday, 20 July 2015

July 18th - 19th My Cheese Mojo Has Returned

The weekend started out rather bleak, as in weather bleak. Saturday morning we woke to a gentle pitter patter on the roof. Which eventually turned into the sound of 1 million Irish mice doing a Riverdance on the roof. Which totally scuppered all our plans for the day of venturing out. I was that devastated as I could not get to the weekly grocery shop and stand in the queue and wait for what seems like hours. My Saturday had been turned upside down.

This was the view from our laundry window.

If you are going to be inside all day, time for some overdue chores. Empty wine bottles need to be recycled and labels removed so we can fill it with our own wine. Now for a confession - George does this bit. He just seems to be that bit more adapt at this chore then I am.

On to Sunday and the weather was better.  Definitely not warmer, but at least blue skies had returned and so has snow down the line, and it was making its presence felt even where it doesn't snow.

And the best part of our weekend? I have finally managed to find a farmer who will provide raw milk on an as required basis. I can get my Cheese Making hat back on. The milk is from Ayrshire cows which has a higher protein content apparently. This was obvious with the creaminess of the milk. I finished my weekend with a batch of cheese underway. Fat Bottoms Estate Cheeses are back!

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