Monday, 6 July 2015

July 4th - 5th Raindrops and Relaxation

Saturday was a raindrops on roses type of day. Well actually the entire weekend was. It did stay mainly dry but was a typical winter weekend, Which meant admiring the raindrops in the garden

That Rose is actually now inside, as all the roses had their winter pruning and are definitely no more.

On to Sunday and it was a day truly consisting of only R & R. Indulging in our Winter hobby, which makes a change from looking at a square screen


  1. Hi Irene, I am a jigsaw fan too and looove that table. Is this something that can be purchased as pictured or is it something that has been adapted? I do have a similar sized table that has the fold away legs making storage easy and which your one appears to have too. But those pull out pieces look like a fantastic idea. Just what every puzzler should have :) Cheers, Brenda

    1. Brenda the table is a folding picnic table from Mitre10, and George shortened the legs (or got a welder at work to do it), to make it the appropriate height.
      As for the pull out drawers on the main frame. We recently purchased the frame from Innovations (Australian based, but with a NZ website). It was expensive (well I thought it was but I don't like spending money!). Here is the link to it I have to admit it was a good buy, as when we need the picnic table (ie family get togethers and the granddaughters have their own special chairs and this is their table to dine at if necessary), we can pick up the puzzle and use the table. It is great being able to sort the colours and have them lying flat to look at as well.
      We love doing Wasgij Puzzles (purchased through Trademe), and hopefully it will keep the old brain cells functioning for a few years yet - and as I said in my comments, it beats spending time at a computer screen :)
      Cheers Irene