Friday, 6 February 2015

February 5th The Unexpected Finally Happened!!

Yes it happened, Our Cactus had a baby. Not the Original Cactus we were waiting on. Just between you and me I think that one decided to abort. It was a perfect bud one day, I got all excited and if I could cartwheel and somersault I would have. Then the next day the bud turned black and dropped. As if to punish me for not cartwheeling and somersaulting at the good news. . Would you cartwheel and somersault in an area of cactuses? Who knows what could end up in your hoohaa with a brouhaa. By the way if you are going to dispute cactuses vs cacti - it actually is cactuses as my good friend Mrs. G.Oogle told me.

This was another Cactus in the same area quietly going about its business. George kept telling me the bump was a flower, and I thought not. And of course this was one of the very few occasions I was wrong and George was right!

Just the one solitary flower, but it is a beauty at that.

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