Friday, 13 February 2015

February 12th The Good Lie And Tears

This week has really been just an 'Every Day Week In the Life Of Irene' - which we all have. George decided to take on cooking duties for dinner and we went total Vegetarian with some heavy Iron content. Now those of you that know George's eating habits, are fully aware that for him to not have meat in a meal is a fairly unusual occurrence. But he wanted his home made Hash Browns with a Spinach Sauce, and that's what our dinner was.  I must say he does make a particularly great Hash Brown. I haven't got the patience to grate potatoes. Here is his offering, the first out of the pan

You may wonder what Hash Browns and today's subject line  The Good Lie and Tears have in common? Absolutely nothing, well maybe they do

We ended the evening watching a movie called 'The Good Lie' and I thoroughly recommend it. It is the story of children affected by the Sudanese conflict. They survive their village, parents and village elders being destroyed. Make their way, by foot mind you, to refuge in Kenya - a distance of 600 miles walked  - and this is Africa we are talking about, with not only lions and other wildlife looking upon them as dinner, but also soldiers wanting to kill them. They adjust to life in a Kenyan Refugee Camp, and finally resettle to America.

This is the part of the movie that moved me so much. To see what Western life is like from a point of view of a refugee, who has not had telephones, televisions etc.  This movie had us both tearful and if you do watch it, which I highly recommend, if you are not moved to tears you would have to have a heart made of iron (and not from eating too much of George's Spinach Sauce to accompany his Hash Browns). A definite must see.  I am upset to see it has not made any Award lists - it was released late 2014. Also another part that was emotional was the movie credits - the main actors are all Sudanese refugees who have been part of the conflict, apart from Reese Witherspoon of course. Please make an effort to watch this if you can.

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