Monday, 23 February 2015

February 21st and 22nd From Goth To Choc and Bugs Bunny

We had an extremely contrasting weekend. Saturday started with shopping duties. Firstly these Concrete Balls are at our local Mall. Obviously they cannot be moved, but I think they look pretty cool

Leaving the Mall, we headed to a Tattoo convention of all things. Hamilton played host to an International Tattoo and Art Expo, so we decided to head along for a look. We were one of the few oldies there of course and what a diverse range of people were there. One recurrent theme whether it be in the art, tattoos, jewellery or even clothing was 'Día de Muertos'- or Mexico's Day Of The Dead. I think I'll pass, but the artwork was great.

It's a small world after all. We attended as George wanted to have some additions done to a current tattoo. Well the eventual Tattoist stall we selected, but only because we were attracted to pictures of his work - he is from the same town as No. 1 Son, has tattooed my son (a photo of the tattoo was in his display book to show off his work ), and as for the other tattoist in his shop - he surfs with No. 1 Son. It's a Small, Small World

We finished Saturday with a lovely dinner with family. Further to my teeth issues, ie Crowns falling out (refer February 20th Blog). It is just as well dinner was with family as whilst we were eating, the crown that was temporarily cemented in came out. When I smile now, I have two front teeth, and large black holes on either side. No Bugs Bunny jokes please!

Therefore Sunday meant staying in isolation and not displaying my lack of choppers to all and sundry. I opted to  bake instead.  Allow me to present my famed Chocolate Chip Cookies. What I would love to know is why no matter how many times I make this particular recipe, you can guarantee every time they are different. They always taste good, but are different to the time before and the time before that. Á chip off the old block?

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