Wednesday, 18 February 2015

February 17th A View And A Lime

Whenever I am in elevated points in Hamilton, it always amazes me how green our city is. No matter where you are, it is possible to celebrate the colour green.. Today's photo was taken from the Hospital Carpark. The hospital is inner city and in an extremely busy area and yet this was the view, and from the car park no less.

 This next photo serves no particular purpose. But occasionally I find photos in my photo stream, that obviously I have unintentionally taken.  I shouldn't have told you this next photo was unintentional, and just pretended I was being very arty farty!

Finally to finish my photo montage of the day. For dinner tonight, I made Thai Tom Kha Gai, and I always feel so lucky to be able to use ingredients from the garden. Our very own Kaffir Lime, the leaves from the Kaffir Lime tree and Lemongrass stalks. Only the Galangal is store bought. You can tell as it doesn't photograph as well as home grown!

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