Monday, 16 February 2015

February 14th and 15th The Weekend That Was

A weekend comprising Valentines Day, and a lovely wee road trip up to Auckland to catch up with my sister and her family.

I happened to be reading online last night various pages on a local website about 'The Five Best Places For.....' and one of the topics was sunsets. I was most surprised they missed out our address as both Saturday and Sunday provided spectacular sunsets, without having to leave home.

Here is Saturday's.....

Moving on to Sunday. Up to Auckland we ventured for a catch up with my Sister and her family. We had a lovely time as always. The views crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge in either direction, is always a pretty sight. It doesn't matter whether the skies are absolutely blue, or a wee bit cloudy like today, Auckland Harbour provides some magic scenery.

And home to another stunning sunset

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